v. 調整(align的現在分詞形式);使成一行

n. 校準


  • causing to fall into line or into position


aligning idler調心托輥

aligning people讓員工協調一致

aligning plug卡口插座

aligning paper地圖紙

aligning pin調心銷釘,定位銷

aligning telescope定線望遠鏡

aligning bar定心棒

aligning torque回位力矩;[機] 回正力矩

aligning tool校正工具

aligning bearing(直線)對位軸承

self aligning自動對準


  • the fsb will also look at aligning bankers「 pay with the risks they take so that the sort of gambles that caused the credit crunch in 2007 cannot recur.


  • operator interface has optional hands free aligning and pulse triggering.


  • of course, there are other important factors for managing and aligning team goals.


  • it stresses the importance of aligning business domain with software design and development.


  • the report concludes that many countries may have to consider other ways of aligning infrastructure targets with the available resource envelope.


  • the stronger the field, the greater is the aligning effect.

    電場愈強, 一致取向的效應愈大.

  • what is most important to me is that ophiuchus is the energy of healing and support, and the energy of aligning with the galactic frequencies.


  • a better way to describe feng shui might be to say it is about aligning one’s surroundings in order to enhance natural energy flow.


  • these tools have the capability to reduce time to back up and recover by aligning backup strategies with outage-related service level agreements (slas) to provide faster recovery.

    通過使用與中斷有關的服務水平協議 (sla) 來調整備份策略以提供更快的恢復,這些工具能夠縮短備份和修復時間。

  • the machinist is aligning the wheels of the car.


  • such a view facilitates a systematic approach toward dealing with metadata and aligning it with the goals of aop.


  • the sponsor who is concerned with aligning the anticipated results from improving development capability with any relevant business or it strategy


  • if you caninspire a few influencers to join your cause by aligning theirincentives with the goals you are trying to achieve with the techchange, you can create a coalition.


  • aligning business and it governance towards the goal of achieving business objectives


  • i define life balance as aligning your health, relationships and work life in a way that makes you happy.


  • comfort features: automatically self - aligning for perfect fit and protection.

    舒適特點: 自動 自我 調整,為適應完善和保護.

  • tip: if you want to dual-boot between linux and an older operating system that requires cylinder alignment, try aligning the starts of all your partitions on multiples of eight cylinders.

    提示:如果您想雙重啟動需要柱面對齊的linux和一個舊版操作系統,嘗試在成倍的8 個柱面上調整所有分區的開頭。

  • the housing ring raceway is spherical surface which contribute to aligning function.


  • self - aligning ball bearing is a species of crane accessories equipment.


  • tooltips provide textual hints that assist in drawing lines and aligning objects.


  • the rules have the merit of aligning the interests of bank employees with shareholders but european banks say they are being outbid by rivals when they compete for employees in asia in particular.


  • it is to be expected that this feels awkward, as we finally aligning ourselves with what we have pushed aside for so long.


  • many organizations would never think to question themselves in this way, but they must if they intend to maximize their business value by aligning operations with business goals.


  • we discussed the next move of god in israel. we discussed a time of celebration with god’s people from around the world, aligning with the messianic people of israel.


  • the advantage of aligning documents this way is that the resulting segments can be used with any xliff-compliant tool without complicated and error-prone tag transformations.


  • 「it is about aligning accountability and responsibility so that at the end of the day i look into your eyes and say: you are responsible, 」 he says.


  • nonetheless, multiple viewpoints are helpful for precisely aligning objects along a particular axis.

    不過, 多重視點對沿特定軸線精確對齊對象還是有幫助的.

  • consistent generalization and aggregation are achieved by standardizing to consistent levels, matching to consistent levels, and aligning and aggregating attributes to the same level.


  • yet, when used in isolation, they can leave senior leaders unfulfilled – and miss an important opportunity for aligning agile to fundamental objectives.


  • transport for london is considering aligning its bus timetables with school closures to avoid students being targeted while they are waiting for buses and trains.


  • 「the advertiser is immediately aligning itself with the airline brand — and that is not always advantageous, 」 says slater, who is an interim dean at the university」s college of media.

    「廣告客戶立即與航空公司品牌調整本身 -并不總是有利,」斯萊特說,誰是在大學的傳媒學院的臨時院長。

  • because the first aspect of entrepreneurship that i think for the student would think incredibly important is aligning themselves in their passion with what is meaningful for them.


  • it will thereby move the industry towards the larger goal of aligning and integrating business and it.


  • so the key then is figuring out these universal principles and aligning your thoughts and actions with them.


  • more recently, this latency issue has been improved by aligning the consolidation phase with the appropriate business process.


  • collaborative objectives aligning supply chain strategies such as sale and management goal.