v. 要價;收費;指責;使承擔 (任務等);給……充電;沖鋒;裝載;命令;飾紋章於……(charge 的現在分詞)

n. 爐料;裝料;充電;(籃球)進攻沖撞犯規


    1. to fix or ask as fee or payment
    charges $50 for an office visit

    2. to ask payment of (a person)
    charge a client for expenses

    3. to record (an item) as an expense, debt, obligation, or liability
    charged a new sofa

    4. to impose a financial burden on
    charge his estate with debts incurred

    5. to impose or record as financial obligation
    charge debts to an estate

    6. to give an electric charge to
    charge a capacitor

    7. to restore the active materials in (a storage battery) by the passage of a direct current through in the opposite direction to that of discharge

    8. to place a charge (as of powder) in

    9. to load or fill to capacity

    10. to fill or furnish fully
    The music is charged with excitement.

    11. electrify sense 2
    The crowd was charged by her performance.

    12. to assume as a heraldic bearing (see bearing sense 4)

    13. to place a heraldic bearing on
    charged his shield with three roses

    14. to lay or put a load on or in load
    horses charged with heavy burdens

    15. to rush against attack
    The bull charged the matador. also to rush into (an opponent) usually illegally in various sports

    16. to bring (a weapon) into position for attack level
    charge a lance

    17. to make an assertion against especially by ascribing guilt or blame
    charges him with armed robbery They were charged as being instigators.

    18. to place the guilt or blame for
    charge her failure to negligence

    19. to assert as an accusation
    charges that they distorted the data

    20. to impose a task or responsibility on
    charge him with the job of finding a new meeting place

    21. to command, instruct, or exhort with authority
    I charge you not to go.

    22. to give a charge (see charge entry 2 sense 6a) to (a jury)

    23. to rush forward in or as if in assault attack
    came charging into the room also to charge an opponent in sports

    24. to ask or set a price
    Do you charge for this service?

    25. to charge an item to an account
    charge now, pay later

    26. to gain an electric charge to receive and store a greater quantity of electrical energy
    She left the phone charging overnight.

    27. the price demanded for something
    no admission charge

    28. a debit to an account
    The purchase was a charge.

    29. expense, cost
    gave the banquet at his own charge

    30. the record of a loan (as of a book from a library)

    31. an interest in property granted as security for a loan

    32. a definite quantity of electricity especially an excess or deficiency of electrons in a body

    33. the quantity of explosive used in a single discharge

    34. the quantity that an apparatus is intended to receive and fitted to hold
    the charge of chemicals in a fire extinguisher

    35. thrill, kick
    got a charge out of the game

    36. a store or accumulation of impelling force
    the deeply emotional charge of the drama

    37. management, supervision
    has charge of the home office

    38. a person or thing committed into the care of another
    played with her young charges at the day-care center

    39. obligation, requirement
    … to maintain this readiness … is … a first charge upon our military effort …
    — Sir Winston Churchill

    40. the ecclesiastical jurisdiction (such as a parish) committed to a clergyman

    41. a formal assertion of illegality
    a charge of murder

    42. a statement of complaint or hostile criticism
    denied the charges of nepotism that were leveled against him

    43. a violent rush forward (as to attack)
    the charge of the brigade

    44. the signal for attack
    sound the charge

    45. a usually illegal rush into an opponent in various sports (such as basketball)

    46. instruction, command
    … he gave them charge about the Queen, To guard and foster her forevermore.
    — Alfred Tennyson

    47. instruction in points of law given by a court to a jury

    48. a figure borne on a heraldic field

    49. a material load or weight

    50. having control or custody of something
    He is in charge of the training program.

    51. to give an amount of electricity to (something) to put electricity into a battery so that a machine or device will run

    52. to give a job or responsibility to (a person or group) to make (a person or group) responsible for something

    53. to formally accuse (someone) of a crime

    54. an amount of electricity

    55. the amount of an explosive material (such as dynamite) that is used in a single blast

    56. the responsibility of managing or watching over something

    57. the responsibility of managing, controlling, or caring for
    She has charge of the building. He took charge of the planning.

    58. a task or duty given to a person obligation
    Grooming the animals was his charge.

    59. a person or thing given to someone to look after
    At long last, each of our charges was tucked in bed.
    — Ann M. Martin, Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation

    60. the price asked especially for a service

    61. an amount listed as a debt on an account
    charges on a phone bill

    62. accusation
    a charge of mutiny

    63. an instruction or command based on authority
    a judge's charge to a jury

    64. the amount of an explosive material (as dynamite) used in a single blast

    65. an amount of electricity
    an electrical charge

    66. a rushing attack
    the soldiers' charge

    67. the signal for attack
    Sound the charge!

    68. to give an electric charge to
    charge a device

    69. to refill (as an exhausted battery) with available energy

    70. to give a task, duty, or responsibility to
    I was charged with supervising the children.

    71. to instruct or command with authority
    … he cried to his sons, and charged them to yield …
    — Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee

    72. to accuse especially formally
    He was charged with speeding.

    73. to rush toward or against
    The bull charged the matador.

    74. to ask for payment from
    You charged me too much.

    75. to ask or set as a price or fee
    The garage charged 100 dollars for repairs.

    76. to enter as a debt or responsibility on a record
    The purchase was charged to her account.

    77. to give an electric charge to

    78. a plaster or ointment used on a domestic animal

    79. cathexis sense 2

    80. something required obligation

    81. personal management or supervision
    put the child in his charge

    82. a person or thing placed under the care of another

    83. an authoritative instruction or command especially instruction in points of law given by a judge to a jury
    conviction…reversed, because of trial court's charge
    — W. R. LaFave and A. W. Scott, Jr.

    84. an incurred expense

    85. the price demanded for something (as admission or use)
    a finance charge

    86. a debit to an account especially a debit resulting from unexpected operating expenses
    a charge against earnings

    87. a formal allegation of an offense or wrongdoing
    based on a charge that was dismissed
    — National Law Journal — see also complaint, indictment, information

    88. to impose a task or responsibility on
    was charged with protecting civil rights

    89. to command or instruct with authority especially to give a charge to (a jury)
    the jury should have been charged on common-law negligence
    — National Law Journal

    90. to make an accusation against especially in order to bring to trial
    charging her with attempted robbery — see also accuse, indict

    91. to allege especially as an accusation
    crimes charged in the indictment

    92. to impose a financial liability on
    charge the estate

    93. to impose or record as a financial burden or liability
    charge the debts to the estate charging the loss against earnings

    94. to fix or ask as a fee or payment
    charge $4 for parking

    95. to ask payment of (an individual or organization)
    charge a client for expenses


charging time[電] 充電時間

charging hole裝料口

gas charging充氣

charging rate進料量;[電] 充電率;加料速度

charging system充電系統;收費系統;加料系統

battery charging電池充電;蓄電池室充電

charging machine充電電機;加料機;裝料設備

charging voltage[電] 充電電壓

Charging period充電時間

charging valve充灌閥

charging resistor[電] 充電電阻器

charging door加料門

charging apparatus裝料設備;進料裝置

charging efficiency[電] 充電效率;[動力] 充氣效率;灌注效率

Battery Charging電池充電;蓄電池室充電

Charging Bull華爾街銅牛(Charging Bull)

charging current[電] 充電電流

charging device計費設備;裝料設備;充電設備






  • some argue this amounts to the energy companies charging consumers for upgrades that will primarily save the companies money, through the end of meter reading.


  • pin numbers, passwords and chores such as taking food out of the freezer the night before and charging your mobile phone also featured highly on the list.


  • that means tolls. indeed, directly charging for road usage seems to be just what the doctor ordered.


  • over time, it plans to move to a more complex model, charging based on how users interact with the messages.


  • the company will start by charging marketers per thousand impressions of their ads.


  • then i focused on the fact that charging more money requires a higher degree of sales and marketing skill, so some of the managers needed to step up their game--or step out.


  • leave it by your window and you can rotate them to try and get more output if you find something charging slow.


  • cell phone chargers can also waste electricity even when you are not charging your phone.


  • as well as charging fees, he would benefit from customers with more cash in their pockets.


  • the company wants to build an infrastructure for charging electric cars.


  • before charging work is started, the drill holo is plugged.

    開始裝藥以前, 先將炮眼下端眼口堵死.

  • the car walloped the pavement , charging towards the holland tunnel.


  • other researchers are taking wireless charging to the next step: designing cars that can charge while on the road.


  • he saw some energetic charging by the police and arrests being made.


  • magnetic resonance coupling is thought to be safer than other methods of wireless charging because the intensity of the field can be increased without affecting other, non-resonant objects nearby.


  • new ev charging infrastructure will need to be built in the home, at work, at coffee shops, near shopping malls, hotels and all around town--anywhere consumers drive and park their vehicles.


  • he is charging a storage battery.


  • nor is there a choice, as some newspapers seem to think, between charging for access to their online content or keeping links to their articles in google news and google search.


  • after all, if the old person standing up here actually knew anything worth telling, he\「d be charging you for it.


  • officials are awaiting positive identification before charging the men with war crimes.


  • one of the great unknowns about evs is what sort of charging infrastructure will emerge.


  • there are clearly no easy answers for how to save the newspapers and still be able to finance good journalism, and we have doubts that charging for online access is a viable model.


  • since english universities started charging tuition fees to british undergraduates in 1998, they have kept an eye on whether their paying customers are satisfied.


  • but that should change in the future as batteries’ storage capacity goes up, and charging time comes down.


  • he should not have to: rules that prevent insurance companies charging fat people what they really cost should go.


  • the new star saga embodies all the sins of its industry; charging too much and paying its managers too highly, promising performance it could not deliver and launching too many funds.


  • by charging more money, we attract a higher quality of customer.


  • assured labor is not charging anyone right now, but the plan is to have employers pay for the service.


  • electric cars have been around for decades, but never in enough numbers that they would affect the grid, or require mass rollouts of charging equipment.


  • soldiers came charging through the forest, guns at the ready.


  • sometimes restaurants cope with this by charging high premiums for products that go hand in hand with long sittings – wine, starters and desserts.


  • so an equal duration of charging creates the same distance of ev travel in both cars.


  • i」m charging you with cleaning the room before you go.


  • as for charging speed, there「s a trade-off involved: you can restore a battery quickly, but not without reducing the battery」s overall performance.


  • battery charging systems remain basically the same as those in use half a century ago.


  • he's charging you around about a hundred pounds an hour for his services.


  • based on the average size and shape of particles in the ash, "any initial charging that occurred would have decayed away many times over.


  • the charging process therefore requires the expenditure of energy.


  • although it is a long way off, there is much talk of creating a premium vod 「window」, charging perhaps $40 for a film soon after it appears in cinemas.