for the purpose of

英[fɔ: ðə ˈpə:pəs ɔv]美[fɔr ði ˈpɚpəs ʌv]



for the purpose of sth為了…的目的

for the express purpose of為了

with the view of為了做…;為了…目的

for statement the purpose of目的是要

for the purpose of education為了教育的目的

Service for the purpose of以服務至上為宗旨

for the purpose of applying以行使為目的


  • scissors are for the purpose of cutting.


  • for the purpose of this article, the chart data accessor in the sample application does not connect to an actual data store.


  • for the purpose of this article, only nanosecond calculations will be described in detail.


  • crime virtually disappeared since everything was organized for the purpose of meeting people「s needs.


  • such fine calibrations may date back to the use of the abacus, and to an old chinese convention that assumes a 360-day year for the purpose of reckoning interest payments.


  • however, for the purpose of our example it is useful to illustrate all the notifications emitted.


  • the meetings were rather for the purpose of generating goodwill.


  • some people run online businesses out of personal interest or for the purpose of sharing good things with others.


  • for the purpose of this example, we build a dealer for five-card draw.


  • he argues for the purpose of argue only because he likes argue.


  • a simplified class of deterministic problems is introduced first for the purpose of discussion.


  • for the purpose of this exercise, let’s look at a sample subject that is close to all of our hearts: salaries and pay rises.


  • i plant for the purpose of quality to repeat.


  • for the purpose of this article, ssl can be regarded as an 「add-on」 that encrypts, validates, and authenticates an underlying ip protocol.

    對於本文的目標來說,ssl可以認為是一個 「附件」,它對底層ip協議進行加密、驗證和認證。

  • another mistake made by new website designers is that they tend to put in too many ads and pop-ups for the purpose of revenue.


  • for the purpose of this article, we will assume that you have gone through the previous parts of this series.


  • proof : a trial printed sheet or copy, for the purpose of checking.

    稿樣: 校對用的一份或一張試印樣本.

  • here, i use 「mrd」 to collectively refer to all documents created by product management and/or product marketing teams for the purpose of conveying product requirements to engineering team.


  • however, for the purpose of this article and to ensure that everyone has equal access to these support resources, commercial tools are omitted from these tables.


  • for she knew that marriage wasn’t principally for the purpose of bringing these two individuals together–it was an alliance between their two families.


  • however, this model is overly simplistic for the purpose of this article.


  • the agreement requires north korea to 「shut down and seal for the purpose of eventual abandonment」 its nuclear facilities at yongbyon, 87km (54 miles) north of pyongyang.


  • for the purpose of this article, the sample application you will use here is a computer telephony integration (cti) application.


  • for the purpose of the analysis below, the children are defined to be attractive if they were described as attractive at both age 7 and age 11.


  • for the purpose of this exercise, the default workspace is acceptable.


  • note: you can clear this option to reduce merging, but for the purpose of this test, you will run a merge scenario with model files, so enable this option.


  • layouts featured in this post were created specifically for the purpose of this article.


  • and about donald」s pile of beetles: he killed them solely for the purpose of decorating.


  • this sample code is not part of any standard ibm product and is provided to you solely for the purpose of assisting you in the development of your applications.


  • our corporation is established for the purpose of mporting and exporting as well as other activities in connection with foreign trade.


  • examines for the purpose of discovering resemblance or differences.


  • for the purpose of this article, the application example we will look at is a stock inventory management system that sends queries to determine the quantity of an item that is in stock in a warehouse.


  • we club together for the purpose of raising funds for the poor.


  • for the purpose of this article, you'll build your application by hand.


  • for the purpose of this device is qiangxinli ve now languishes.


  • john hedged his bets for the purpose of hedging against loss.


  • one ngo reported that investigators could detain an individual for the purpose of investigation up to two months.