gaussian blur



Gaussian blur transformation高斯模糊變換

Gaussian n Blur高斯模糊

Beter Gaussian Blur濾鏡

Boris Gaussian Blur高斯模糊

Better Gaussian Blur高級高斯虛化

Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur濾鏡

Constant Time Gaussian Blur常量時間高斯模糊

Unconstrained Gaussian Blur非比例高斯模糊

Gaussian Blur Filter高斯模糊


  • use the gaussian blur again with a high value, according to the image on the left.


  • gaussian blur creates the soft, blurry look while motion blur creates the impression of movement.

    高斯模糊可以創造一種柔軟的效果。 然后動感模糊是照片具有動態的錯覺。

  • now we add a gaussian blur to the petal to give the shine map a nice glossy shimmer.


  • apply a gaussian blur to the layers. each one will have a different value because of their sizes.


  • we can even make a selection on the smart object and apply a gaussian blur effect to it. and yes, you can use masking on it as well!


  • mathematically, applying a gaussian blur to an image is the same as convolving the image with a gaussian function.


  • denoise: noise reduction plugin using a modified gaussian blur algorithm.


  • after, add some gaussian blur (filter > blur > gaussian blur). i used just 1 pixel.


  • a simple gaussian blur tool can create the same effect.


  • fill the selection with white, then give the layer a 170% gaussian blur .

    用白色填充選擇,然后給層了170%高斯模糊 。

  • soften the shadow by adding gaussian blur filter.


  • the only filter i used here is gaussian blur which i used to create the shade applied to the black oval shape.


  • a novel image texture feature descriptor is proposed which is insensitive to gaussian blur and gaussian noise.


  • next, duplicate the layer just created and move the new layer to the top. this duplicated layer will be blurred again using the gaussian blur filter. however, use a higher radius such as 35 this time.


  • once this was done i applied a gaussian blur with a radius of 250px twice and set the layer up as overlay at %.


  • now use the arrows on your keyboard to move the shadow to the bottom left of the rectangle, then give it a gaussian blur with a radius of 1.5 pixels and bring down the opacity of the layer to 10%.