soft ground

英[sɔft ɡraund]美[sɔft ɡraʊnd]



    1. a mixture of ordinary etching ground usually with tallow or grease that is used chiefly to obtain textural lines and effects on the plate by pressing cloth or similar material into the ground or by drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper laid over it

    2. a process or effect in etching obtained by the use of soft ground


reinfoced soft soil ground加固軟土地基

strengthening soft soil ground加固軟基

the soft clay ground軟土地區

reinforcing soft soil ground軟土地基加固

soft soil ground treatment軟基處理

saturated soft clay ground飽和軟粘土地基

soft soil ground settlement軟基下沉

soft soil ground consolidation軟基加固

Specially Soft Soil Ground特別軟土地基


  • with engineering practice in the reinforcement of a dyke-through structure, the essay introduces soft ground treatment by wood pile.


  • the successful application of lime pile to soft ground treatment in an engineering project is studied in this article.


  • the soft ground may have absorbed some of the impact.


  • soft clay extensively distributing near the littoral in southeast china, and the preloading method is in common use in improving the soft ground of large-scale engineering built in this area.


  • the uneven sedimentation of building on the soft ground will lead to damage of building and effect on its use.


  • as a simple and effective method of soft ground treatments, the sand drain preloading method has been widely used in construction projects.


  • the interaction of piles and soil lateral movement in deep excavation on soft ground belongs to the research scope of passive piles.


  • monitoring on deep horizontal displacement of soft ground is of great importance in embankment construction.


  • through comparative analysis and study of three different supporting plans for deep foundation of soft ground in lianyungang, the paper reveals rules in using each plan.


  • half track air cushion vehicle is a new kind of hybrid vehicle. it can solve the transportation problem on soft ground effectively.


  • settlement and displacement observation influences engineerings safe and schedule directly, which is also a main part for soft ground treatment.


  • the frame is highlighted by a quiet lagoon, soft ground fog, two galaxies, and tens of thousands of stars.


  • this paper analyzes the reinforcing mechanism of lime stirring pile and effectiveness and condition of reinforcing soft ground by lime stirring pile.


  • push thrust construction, problem and treatment measures of frame bridge with big skew angle in soft ground are described in this paper.


  • meanwhile, the effect of hard shell course on the settlement and lateral displacement of the soft ground and the reflection on the soil pres- sure are analyzed.


  • it was recognized as early as 350 bc by the greek scientist aristotle that soft ground shakes more than hard rock in an earthquake.


  • dewatering for different foundation pit fencing structures in soft ground has different impacts on the head of ground water, causing different ground settlement.