v. 給…定音調;給…上色(tone的現在分詞)

n. 化妝水,爽膚水;過調;調色


    1. vocal or musical sound of a specific quality
    spoke in low tones masculine tones especially musical sound with respect to timbre and manner of expression

    2. a sound of definite pitch and vibration

    3. whole step

    4. accent or inflection expressive of a mood or emotion

    5. style or manner of expression in speaking or writing
    seemed wise to adopt a conciliatory tone

    6. a particular pitch or change of pitch constituting an element in the intonation of a phrase or sentence
    high tone low tone mid tone low-rising tone falling tone

    7. the pitch of a word often used to express differences of meaning

    8. color quality or value

    9. a tint or shade of color

    10. the color that appreciably modifies a hue or white or black
    gray walls of greenish tone

    11. the effect in painting of light and shade together with color

    12. normal tension or responsiveness to stimuli specifically the state of partial contraction of skeletal muscle at rest muscular tonus

    13. strength, firmness, or tautness of a part of the body (such as the muscles or skin)
    exercising to improve muscle tone the shape and tone of the arms

    14. the state of a living body or of any of its organs or parts in which the functions are healthy and performed with due vigor

    15. general character, quality, or trend
    a city's upbeat tone

    16. frame of mind mood

    17. healthy elasticity resiliency

    18. to soften or reduce in intensity, color, appearance, or sound mellow —often used with down
    tone down the bright colorsThe candidate toned down his harsh rhetoric.

    19. to impart tone to strengthen
    medicine to tone up the system especially to increase the firmness, strength, or tautness of (a part of the body)
    She lifted weights to tone her arms.

    20. to change the normal silver image of (something, such as a photographic print) into a colored image

    21. to give a particular intonation or inflection to

    22. intone

    23. to assume a pleasing color quality or tint

    24. to blend or harmonize in color

    25. (Theobald) Wolfe 1763–1798 Irish revolutionary

    26. the quality of a person's voice

    27. the quality of a sound produced by a musical instrument or singing voice

    28. a quality, feeling, or attitude expressed by the words that someone uses in speaking or writing

    29. to give strength and firmness to (something, such as muscles or skin)

    30. an individual way of speaking or writing especially when used to express an emotion
    He replied in a friendly tone.

    31. common character or quality
    There was a polite tone to the discussions.

    32. quality of spoken or musical sound

    33. a sound on one pitch

    34. a shade of color
    The room is decorated in soft tones.

    35. a color that changes another
    It's gray with a blue tone.

    36. a healthy state of the body or any of its parts
    He has good muscle tone.

    37. to give a healthy state to strengthen
    She exercised to tone up her muscles.

    38. to soften or blend in color, appearance, or sound
    Can you tone down the music?

    39. normal tension or responsiveness to stimuli specifically tonus sense 2

    40. to impart tone to
    tone the muscles


toning system聲調系統

toning salts調色鹽

muscle tone肌張力;肌肉緊張度

rising tone升調;陽平;上聲

busy tone[通信] 忙音

tone color音色;(文藝的)風格

skin tone膚色;皮膚影調

pure tone[聲] 純音

falling tone降調;去聲

laser toning凈膚雷射

affective tone情調

sulphide toning硫化調色法

Toning Hydrosol惠氏爽膚純露

set the tone定調子

metal toning金屬鹽調色

toning cream美體霜

single tone單頻;[聲] 單音;[計] 單音信號

tone of voice語調;聲調;口吻

Toning Tool減淡工具

sets the tone定下基調

tone colour音色

ring tone電話鈴音

tone up增強;提高(聲調等);使更健康

color tone色調;色光

Toning Mists爽膚及保濕

low tone低(聲)調

dial tone撥號音;撥號音調

tone down緩和;柔和;降低

tone quality[聲] 音質,音品










  • one of the great things about walking outdoors is that you can use hills and steps to add some difficulty, thus burning more calories, and toning your muscles.


  • activists are also toning down their attempts to get companies to take on more debt.


  • toning shoes represent the fastest-growing segment of the shoe industry.


  • it might also involve toning down a previous deal that private creditors should be singled out if debtors cannot meet their obligations.


  • lower testosterone, she said, is the father「s way of saying, 「 ‘i」m here, i「m not looking around, i」m really toning things down so i can have good relationships.


  • if strengthening your cardiovascular system, toning and stretching your muscles, and improving your mental fitness are on your to-do list, keep reading to learn more about the basics of yoga.


  • product characteristics and application: this product a toning ingredient of cosmetics.

    產品特性及應用: 本產品是化妝品的調色配料.

  • the pineal toning technique is different for each individual.


  • so how do researchers respond to those who say they felt sore or noticed results after wearing toning shoes?


  • toning down a jumpy sympathetic nervous system will encourage a balanced sleep/wake cycle in perimenopausal women, says dr. yan-go.


  • after an hour and a quarter「s-worth of cleansing, toning and pampering, the difference to the way my skin felt was remarkable.


  • avoid any attempt at amping up or toning down your agitation.


  • once the high veca and eckasha code sequences are embedded/ induced into the level 1 kathara grid, they are then activated in the kathara grid by toning the corresponding veca code ariea sequence.

    一旦高等緯卡代碼與俄卡沙代碼序列被植入/感應進入1級卡塔拉柵格,接著通過發出對應的緯卡代碼埃里爾序列聲調,它們便在卡塔拉柵格中被激活 。

  • therefore, toning and building the right team members in the right proportions will keep your organization running lean and smooth.


  • the toning shoes, in other words, had provided benefits, but for a limited time and not to the big, showy muscles in the wearers’ calves and buttocks.


  • follow with your favorite aesop toning and hydrating preparations.


  • ads may have light toning and light paper stress marks.


  • disappointment with the performance of toning shoes has begun to percolate into the wider world.


  • toning shoes, in his study, might not have functioned as advertised, but “some people love how they feel,」 dr.


  • there will be fierce debate about toning down its more nationalist provisions, including one that defines the inhabitants of turkey as turks.


  • on average men spend 81 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturizing, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes, the study found.


  • have you tried toning shoes? what do you think? share your review.


  • hindu squats are great for toning and slimming your legs.


  • kennedy went over the draft with special care, strengthening some points, toning down others.

    肯尼迪特別仔細地讀了這個草稿, 強調了若干觀點, 也緩和了一些觀點的口氣.

  • many have duly complained of slights and inaccuracies; among the most zealous are hindus, who have succeeded in toning down descriptions of the caste system.


  • accountability is a key factor in weight loss and toning for many people.


  • don」t be surprised if you wind up toning down some of the original benefits.


  • the kernels also have several healthy properties, including toning the respiratory system and alleviating a cough.


  • requirement inspections are an effective toning exercise to assure you get the product you really want while reducing time to market.


  • this smooth, strong (7 percent alcohol) golden bock from the bay area can handle it, playing up the orange and toning down the chiles.


  • this exercise is fine for toning up little - used muscles.


  • dr. mercer’s study joins a small but growing body of science about toning shoes, much of which does not support the makers’ claims.


  • compound workouts are good for beginners and for toning certain parts of the body.


  • from memory, the social workers began by first asking for a commitment over an entire year, before toning it down to just one sunday.


  • pick up a book or visit a website that can teach you some new toning or fat-burning moves.


  • toning is sweet, well control and diction is quite good.

    調理是甜的, 以及控制和用語是相當不錯的.